Taking family photos isn’t always easy. If it’s a group photo, it can prove difficult to organise everyone in an efficient manner. For a candid shot, it’s easy to see how that approach might go wrong. These people all shared some of the family photos they say they’ll never forget and we can’t stop laughing.

Celebrating the News

We all mark big milestones in our own ways. Some prefer to catch a video of an event, while others grab a moment through photography. One person, in particular, got rather creative when it came to celebrating good news.

They had a specific outfit they would wear when something significant happened. Surprisingly, the outfit they fell back on was a clown costume. It led to some interesting and comical photos, especially when their younger brother was born!

Come Back!

There’s one setting that’s almost always sure to come with quite a few chaotic family photos — visiting Santa Claus at a local event. However, for this family, it was no ordinary trip to Bass Pro Shops.

The child in the photo seemed uninterested in sitting with Santa and preferred staying close to their mom. The resulting picture is a mix of emotions, with the mom sprinting away, one child staying in pose, and Santa seemingly ignoring the whole thing.

School Photos

School photos can be quite hit or miss. Many people look back on their old school pictures and wonder what anyone was thinking at the time of snapping the photo. In this instance, a person had some questions about their own school photo.

Although they were only 11 years old in the picture, they joked that they could have easily passed for 55 years old due to the style of the early ’90s.

They Want to Join

Gathering everyone for a big family photo can be quite a challenge. But even when it seems impossible, it’s essential to remember that pets are part of the family too, and they often want to be involved.

A family thought they had managed to get everyone in one place for a memorable photo, but it seems their pets had other ideas. The result was a humorous canine wrestling match captured in the picture.

She Needs Some Rest

Having a lot of children takes a lot of energy, but having thirteen grandchildren running around can be even more exhausting.

One grandmother found herself needing some rest during the excitement of Christmas. The result? She turned a puzzle into a pillow to catch a quick nap amidst the holiday chaos.

Oh, Okay

Baby pictures are always adorable, but some can be a little unsettling. Take, for example, this expression captured on a toddler’s face while enjoying a copy of The Exorcist.

The person who shared this photo received it from their mom after a night of babysitting, and it definitely caught them off guard.

Good Effort

In the past, heading to a local photo studio for a professional family portrait was a popular choice. One family had this in mind when they decided to surprise their mom with a family photo as a Christmas gift.

However, the only problem was that the siblings forgot to show their smiles when the camera flash went off, resulting in a less than picture-perfect moment.

What Is She Planning?

Siblings meeting for the first time can be a momentous occasion for everyone involved, and parents usually want to capture it on camera.

But sometimes, a seemingly innocent smile can give a photo an unexpected twist. In this case, the baby in the photo couldn’t help but notice how sinister their older sibling’s smile appeared to be.

Pretty Sure We Know Who’s Guilty

Sometimes, our belongings don’t withstand the test of time, and this is particularly true for kids’ toys. One couple found an old phone that had been flushed down a toilet by one of their kids. 

While they were hoping to save some baby photos, they ended up finding a different unexpected photo on the phone, providing a clue about which child was responsible for the phone’s disappearance.

Don’t Do That!

Grandparents are protective, and they won’t stand for anyone or anything disrespecting them, even wildlife.

This grandmother showed her fierce side when a pelican tried to take a bite out of her. While in the middle of lecturing the bird, her grandchild snapped a picture, capturing the hilarious moment.

Stunning Results

Family photos can look serene and peaceful, especially when professionally taken. However, sometimes the little ones don’t share the same level of relaxation.

This family managed to capture a tranquil photo with both parents looking serene, but their toddler held a less composed expression, creating a memorable then-and-now comparison with a similar photo taken a year before.

Who Is That?

Baby pictures can sometimes be a mystery, especially when genetics make family members look alike at a young age. One person couldn’t help but laugh at the face in a family photo and asked about the baby in the picture.

They were quickly informed that the photo was actually of them as a baby at just one month old.

Baby Photos

Babies look remarkably different from adults, which can lead to some interesting photos. When this couple looked at an old photo album, they found a picture of the husband as an infant that left them in stitches.

It wasn’t weird in any way, but they were surprised by how large his head appeared in the picture.

Not Quite Enjoying Things

Taking a family photo can be a challenge, especially when trying to capture genuine smiles. This family attempted a photo while riding a log flume, but the son didn’t look too thrilled about the situation.

The younger child in the front claimed that his expression was his standard look, but it definitely didn’t come across as photo-ready.

“Fun Clowns”

Childhood photos often capture fun and playful moments, but some can be incredibly terrifying. For instance, a person shared a childhood photo of their wife and a few others riding bicycles dressed as “fun clowns.”

While the kids called themselves “fun clowns,” their costumes likely scared more than a few people in the neighborhood.

Not Worth It

Kids need a lot of sleep, and staying up late for a party can be challenging. This toddler attended a party and tried sparkling grape juice for the first time.

Their facial expression after taking a sip of the drink became the highlight of the photo, showing that it wasn’t exactly their favorite beverage.

Quality Time

Entertaining kids can be both amusing and exhausting.

This dad experienced the excitement of his kids discovering a new balancing trick, but the spot they chose for a picture proved to be less comfortable for everyone involved.

Really Loving the Ride

Some experiences are just wildly exciting for kids, like going to an amusement park.

This child was thrilled for the chance to check out the rides at Dollywood, and even though the photo isn’t picture-perfect, it became a memorable addition to the family album.

It’s Definitely Creative

Family portraits at photo studios used to be popular, but sometimes the standard poses can be a bit boring.

This family decided to get creative during a portrait session for directory photos at their church. The photographer suggested a more offbeat approach, leading to this unique and unconventional family photo.

She’s Ready

Life hacks can be incredibly useful, and this grandmother knew exactly how to handle a phone mishap. When her grandchild dropped their phone in water, she was prepared.

Instead of using rice from the kitchen, she had a container dedicated solely to drying out electronics. A handy trick that saved the day!

Not Posing for the Picture

Family vacations are a great opportunity to create special memories. But when the day is coming to an end, and everyone is tired, getting a perfect family photo can be challenging.

In this case, the younger sister of the family was simply too tired to stay up any longer for the picture.

Interesting Preference

Kids can get attached to all kinds of objects, like a blanket or a teddy bear. But this toddler had a different idea of what they wanted to hold on to at all times.

Instead of a traditional stuffed animal, they fell in love with a life-sized Halloween skeleton, making for some hilariously nightmarish monitor photos.

Put it Out!

Birthdays are exciting times for the family, especially when celebrating with cake and candles. However, this photo reminds us that long hair and fire don’t mix well.

Leaning over a birthday cake with candles, this little girl’s hair got a bit too close to the flame. Luckily, she was safe, and the moment made for a comical family photo.

A Celebrity Appearance

Meeting a celebrity can be a mind-blowing experience, even if you’re just a baby who doesn’t fully grasp the significance of the encounter.

This baby seemed surprised, and their mom was pretty excited too, to have a baby photo with none other than Mr. T.

A Family Effort

Riding a bike is exciting for kids, but some young daredevils take it to the next level. This child was seeking more thrills, so their mom got involved in a rather unconventional way.

They built a ramp, but instead of setting it on the ground, they placed it on her head. Talk about a painful labor of love!

What’s Happening?

Weddings are special occasions, and couples often want creative and memorable photos to cherish.

This couple decided to get playful with perspective during their wedding photo session in an open field. The resulting photo might not be conventional, but it’s definitely comedic.

Everybody Matches

Matching sweaters are a classic choice for family photos, and this family took it to the next level. The grandmother put in a lot of effort to make sure everyone matched perfectly.

The resulting family photo is a mix of awkwardness, thanks to the overly coordinated sweaters, and amusement from the expressions on everyone’s faces.

This Isn’t Good

Beachside photo shoots are often serene and beautiful, but things don’t always go as planned. In this case, the family’s attempt at a cute photo turned chaotic when one of the older kids unexpectedly jumped on their mom’s back while she was holding the youngest.

Thankfully, everyone was okay, but the resulting picture is far from the serene scene they had in mind.

Finally Found Them

Family photos from our younger years can be a bit embarrassing, and we often don’t want to share them with everyone. But it’s tough to throw away these memories. This person couldn’t part with their old photos but didn’t want to display them openly either. 

However, during a garage cleaning session with their spouse, they stumbled upon this picture together. Maybe it deserves a place of display after all!

A Good Sense of Humor

Wedding days are joyous and celebratory, and couples often want photos that reflect their happiness. Some couples take it to the extreme, making the bride appear incredibly small in the photo.

 This couple played with perspective during their wedding photo shoot in an open field, creating an unforgettable and humorous moment.

Playing the Part

Children can have some unusual roles in school plays, and this person’s skating carnival experience was no exception. They found themselves playing the part of a spoon in the show Beauty and the Beast.

 While it might have been a bit unusual, it certainly made for a unique and entertaining photo.

“Heart Breaker”

Sometimes, the camera can create illusions that lead to humorous photos. In this school photo, a student’s shirt was a bit warped, leading to a funny misunderstanding.

 The shirt actually says “heart breaker,” but due to the fabric folding and camera angle, it looks like it reads “fart breaker.” Their siblings had a good laugh at this joke!

Accessorizing Siblings

Having many siblings means there are plenty of people to have fun with growing up. This person’s siblings decided to accessorize a little differently and ended up with an innocent yet humorous photo.

 They tied a few balloons to their youngest sibling, and the baby’s fascination or confusion with the situation adds to the comedy.

A New Tradition

Family photos can be sentimental treasures for grandparents. When this family noticed that their grandfather kept and displayed all the photos they gave him, they had an idea.

 They decided to give him a picture next to a dumpster as a joke. Surprisingly, he loved it and hung it up too, starting a new and lighthearted family tradition.

It’s Efficient

Breaking up with someone can be tough, and some people go to extremes when getting rid of reminders of their ex. 

This mom decided to cut her ex’s face out of all the photos, which can be quite a labor-intensive task. However, she found a more efficient way to achieve the same result — using White-Out.

Looking Alike

Family photos from the past often reflect the trends of the time. In this instance, the safety standards for kids were quite different in the 1960s. This family captured a photo that seems harrowing by today’s standards.

 The parents held their baby securely while riding a chairlift, an experience that might make anyone today feel a bit anxious.

This one is scary

Chairlift photos can be breathtaking and fun, but they can also make your heart race a bit. This photo from 1956 features the person’s dad and grandmother on a chairlift ride.

 Looking at the houses in the background from such a height could make anyone feel a little uneasy.