When you have young children, it’s not unusual for sharp objects, detergents, combustible materials, or lighters to become unsafe.

Fortunately, most of these mishaps occur at home without much drama. It regularly happens that the incidents above might result in funny circumstances or little annoyances that make a memory on both their parents and other people.

Anyone with a child under the age of five can attest that when things become noticeably quieter at home, it is usually a sign that their “little angel” is up to no good. And if you have two children that are younger than five?

Be sure to be alert! Breana Naylor of Ohio recently discovered this lesson the hard way when her two toddlers caused problems while she was in another room. Still, the viral photos of the incident make parents worldwide smile.

During one of those rare free moments, Colt, her 3-year-old son, and Kimber, her 2-year-old daughter, played in another room. You can guarantee that she makes the most of any free time she has to herself as a mother of two children. But on this specific day, something strange happened.

Colt (3 years old) and Kimber (2 years old), Breana Naylor’s kids, were playing in their rooms when Breana abruptly noticed that the atmosphere had turned strangely quiet. When she went upstairs to look, she found them concealed beneath some clothing in a closet.

The bigger brother there was using a pair of scissors to trim the young girl’s hair. The girl seemed unaffected by what was taking place. In this circumstance, any parent would have screamed in terror.

Breana laughed as she observed Kimber’s “chipped” hairpiece and Colt’s naive gesture. On the other hand, the father was very troubled by the news. But like a good mother, she thought of ingenious ways to respond.

Jen, a stylist by trade, received a call from her mother asking her to come home immediately for a “procedure.” Jen showed up an hour later and started styling Naylor’s hair. She was able to give Naylor a lovely haircut despite the initial surprise and laughs.

The outcome was fantastic! Kimber’s haircut reflected her charming personality. Breana posted the pictures on Facebook, where she received a lot of positive feedback. Of course, she made it evident that the tale had a happy ending, complete with a “beautiful haircut.”

Finally, the mother gently reminded the two children that their actions were risky and should never be repeated.

She added that despite the risks they took, it was nice that everything worked out okay. Fortunately, the result was better than expected, demonstrating that even the most terrible situations may have a beneficial outcome.