Sean Whalen recalls returning home after his father had changed the locks during the difficult divorce his parents underwent when he was a kid. Sean, his mother, and his younger brother were abruptly evicted from their home following a fierce altercation earlier that day.

Now that he is an adult, Sean is the only parent of three kids. He went to a Chinese restaurant with his kids for dinner, and the server grabbed his eye.

Sean thought of someone as the waiter refilled drinks and made small chat, and he got the impression that the single mother didn’t want to be there but had to go. Sean’s heart was breaking as a result.

Sean was reminded of his mother by the waiter’s generosity. After paying the check and leaving the restaurant, Sean did something kind for the waitress. The beautiful deed will move you.

“I’ll never forget my parents getting divorced. When my dad and I were having a heated dispute, everything seemed to move incredibly quickly. It undoubtedly had a long-lasting effect on my life.

We fled because my father drove my mother, my younger brother, and me mad and slept the night in a motel. When we returned the following day, we discovered that my father had replaced the locks. He ignored my mother’s pleas to let us in so we could get our things.

We had to leave the house immediately after the cops allowed us in. The cops gave me a black trash bag and instructed me to grab what I needed within 10 minutes. I crammed as much clothing as possible into the bag, but I had to leave my turtle home.

We moved into a modest condo with my mother and younger brother. My mother had no money, while my father nearly cashed out the bank. We received food deliveries from the church’s members.

She had no power to change the situation. The only church members who could help were strangers. I don’t know how she did it or sometimes even kept going.

I recall seeing my mother kneeling in prayer as I passed by her room. I can only imagine what she and God were discussing during those discussions. I can’t even begin to think how many tears this wonderful woman shed as she pleaded with God for mercy.

This waitress made me think of my mother, who never stopped dealing with issues. I hope I brightened her day. Even if I don’t truly understand her story, I don’t have to.

My tip won’t be enough to cover her rent, her children’s braces, or keep food in the fridge, but today I hoped it would make her smile and make her happier than when she left her children.

All the hardworking single mothers out there have my most profound admiration. We all find inspiration in your tenacity and determination. Future generations will appreciate whatever you do since you are doing an incredible job. I understand everything, mama. You are my hero!”

This is such a lovely and heartbreaking tale of love and loss. Sean’s statements are pretty motivating since raising a child alone requires a lot of bravery and fortitude. Please share this with your Facebook friends if you agree.