Aaron Charles Carter made his appearance in the world on December 7, 1987. He became a star in the late 1990s, and his studio albums earned him a name among preteen and teen audiences in the early years of his career.

Carter, born in Tampa, Florida, started performing at seven and put out his debut album under the same name in 1997.

Oh Aaron (2001), Carter’s following album, was certified platinum in the US and gold in New Zealand. Another Earthquake!, his fourth album, released in 2002, sold one million copies globally but fell short of his previous albums’ sales.

Come Get It: The Very Best of Aaron Carter, Carter’s fifth studio album, was published in 2014 and included classics from his career after a string of litigation and financial issues. Carter’s sixth studio album was made available on February 16, 2018.

Aaron Carter, the former teen idol, has reportedly died at the age of 34, according to TMZ. On Saturday, November 5, the singer, who became a rapper, was discovered dead at his California residence. TMZ said that his body was found in the bathtub.

A source claims that Aaron’s house called emergency personnel to report that a man had drowned in his bathtub.

It’s strange how closely this death resembles Whitney Houston’s. Even though homicide detectives have been sent to the location as of 4:13 PM EST, there have been no reports of foul play.

Nick Carter, the lead vocalist of the Backstreet Boys, has a younger brother named Aaron. The brothers’ relationship has been rocky for a while. Aaron appears to be attempting to mend fences with his son, Prince.

Aaron’s love and devotion to his son are evident. Aaron uploaded a video of Prince having a snack while sitting in a highchair last year, captioning it “Our lovely baby son.”

Alcohol and drug misuse are something Aaron has a history of. Aaron allegedly disclosed how many narcotics he was using concurrently on The Doctors a few years ago, according to TMZ.

Authorities reportedly stopped Carter while operating an RV just a few days prior. He may have been drinking when he was driving, according to sources.

We’ll keep Carter’s family and friends in our thoughts and prayers, and hope they’ll stay strong during this tough time. We’ll remember Carter forever, and pray that he’s in a better place now.