The tragic news of actress Annie Wersching’s death at 45 was reported following her private battle with cancer in 2020. Her husband, Stephen Full, paid her a heartfelt tribute, describing how she found joy and wonder in even the most mundane moments, encouraging him and their two sons to go out into the world and explore all its possibilities.

He could still hear her say goodbye until they were out of sight. She was devoted to her small family and will be missed greatly.

Annie leaves a legacy of iconic performances on shows such as 24, Timeless, Star Trek: Picard, Bosch, and others. With her talent and determination to succeed as an actor, she was an inspiration to many.

She made time for other creative pursuits, such as photography, painting, and music. Her zest for life will be remembered, as will the love she showed her family throughout their time together.

Abigail Spencer, best known for her role in Timeless, recently took to Instagram to pay tribute to her former costar and close friend Annie Wersching. In her heartfelt post, she recalled their fun times on set and mentioned Wersching as a fantastic scene partner and a great source of motivation. Abigail also expressed her grief over Annie’s death and sent condolences to her family.

Annie Wersching began her career in various films and television shows, including Star Trek: Enterprise, Charmed, and Supernatural, before landing the coveted role of Renee Walker in 24. Annie moved on to other projects after two successful seasons on 24, such as playing Julia Brasher in Amazon Studios’ Bosch.

She is also well-known for her role as The Borg Queen in Star Trek: Picard. But one of Annie’s most memorable roles was as a motion capture and voice actor in 2013’s The Last of Us video game, which was later adapted into a hugely successful drama series.

Annie Wersching’s tragic death drew millions of mourners worldwide, who took to social media to express their grief at the loss of this beloved actor. Neil Druckmann, co-founder of Naughty Dog (the creators of The Last of Us), also sending a heartfelt tribute.

Abigail Spencer concluded her eulogy by sending her love and support to Annie’s husband, Steve, and their three sons during this difficult time.

Druckmann shared a link to a GoFundMe page to help Wersching’s family financially at the end of his eulogy. Wersching had one goal in mind with her more private attitude and her cancer diagnosis in 2020 making it even more difficult for her to manage: ensure that her three children, Archie, Ozzie and Freddie were taken care of and did not have to worry about money during this difficult time.

The fundraiser will also assist Full in covering the costs associated with grieving their loss without having to return to work immediately. According to the description, she wanted to stay with her family and live on her terms. Thus, despite being extremely private, she chose not to hide from her illness or the reality of the situation but to face it to ensure the safety and security of her sons.