A disaster occurred on Sunday at a Dollar Tree store in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. According to authorities, Keris Riebel, 22, was mercilessly slain by 27-year-old Bethel Bekele, who entered the store with a machete.

The offender began his assault on Riebel at 4:25 p.m. and violently attacked her with the lethal weapon till she died without mercy. Officers were soon dispatched to the crime scene after receiving reports of an attacker with a machete within the premises who had attacked one of its employees.

Keris was already dead when authorities arrived at 1120 Wyandot Ave., and her murderer had fled the scene. Later, he was seen around the 100 block of South Fifth Street, parked adjacent to the Wyandot County Sheriff’s Office. Following further examination by local police, it appears that Bekele had evil intentions before entering the establishment and intended to give lethal blows to Riebel from beginning to end.

As a result of this horrible murder, Keris’ family and friends have been left heartbroken and in mourning.

When cops confronted Bekele, he surrendered peacefully and was arrested. The motivation for this assault has not yet been revealed, but authorities are looking into any possible links between Bekele and Riebel.

Upper Sandusky residents are in shock due to the crime, with one neighbor adding that it is “terrifying” to witness such an act in a normally peaceful community.

Heartbreak has befallen Riebel’s family, notably her aunt, who established a GoFundMe campaign to assist Jordan Riebel, her husband, in covering funeral expenses and lost income as a result of him taking time off from work to deal with his loss.

Riebel had recently completed her Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and was looking forward to beginning her career and creating a family with Jordan. Their hopes were shattered in an instant.

Keris Riebel has the honor of being lovingly remembered by Wynford Local Schools, where she graduated in 2019. She was known for her genuine friendliness to people around her and her distinctive smile. Those who came into contact with her were left with a lasting impression of her lovely soul and faith-filled heart.

Unfortunately, this talented young woman was taken far too soon from her loved ones, leaving a devastating loss for many. Our heartfelt condolences and best wishes go out to Keris’ husband, family, and loved ones as they deal with the tragedy that has befallen them. It is unclear whether Bekele has entered a plea or retained legal counsel in his case.

Keris was friendly and full of life; those who knew her acknowledged that she left a lasting impression on many people’s lives. Her spirit will live on in the hearts of those who knew her best.

They can’t fathom how such a terrible catastrophe could befall someone so full of potential and promise. Many people wish for courage and comfort for those closest to Riebel as they cope with the awful turn of events.