Billy Joel was one of the most significant American artists of the 1970s. Even now, at the age of 72, he continues to compose music. He just performed in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Fans of the show noted Billy’s approximately 50-pound weight loss as one aspect that stood out. He looks amazing!

Billy Joel had a passion for music from a young age. He began playing the piano early, and his parents supported him in developing his gift. Billy Joel played in several bands while still a teenager. He joined The Echoes in 1963, then The Hassles four years later.

When Billy Joel and drummer Jon Small started the band Attila, they even experimented with heavy metal music. Billy Joel persisted in pursuing his love of music despite Attila only having one record released. His perseverance paid off as he gained popularity and recognition as a musician.

Joel’s musical talent pushed him to fame, and quickly became well-known. He obtained his first solo record contract in 1971 and embarked on a global tour with his band. The famed Clive Davis signed Joel to Columbia Records the following year. He made the album Piano Man there in Los Angeles.

Joel was quickly selling out Carnegie Hall in his hometown of New York after it placed him on the map. The album’s lead single promptly rose to the top twenty. New York State of Mind, another well-known song he wrote, only increased his notoriety. Since then, Joel has maintained his musical success, selling millions of CDs and playing in packed stadiums.

Throughout his career, Billy Joel has dealt with a few health difficulties. Due to his chronic asthma, he was forced to cancel a tour with Elton John in 1998. After that, in 2010, he underwent double-hip replacement surgery to repair the damage that years of acrobatic musical performances had done to his hips.

Both treatments were thankfully successful, and Billy Joel is still touring today. He performed at Madison Square Garden last week, and the audience was ecstatic to see him back on stage. Despite his health challenges, Billy Joel is a fantastic performer, and it’s lovely to see him still going strong.

Joel just had back surgery, one of the primary causes of his extreme weight loss. The 72-year-old said he didn’t intentionally become smaller during an interview with Howard Stern a month ago. On stage, Joel looked fantastic and seemed to be having a wonderful time.

“I lost my appetite after the surgery since the pain was so intense,” he claimed. I accepted it and continued to eat less until almost nothing was left. Billy also expressed his happiness about his weight loss. He has previously stated in interviews that he is not a dieting lover.

We are delighted to see Billy Joel still performing and enthralling audiences everywhere he goes. He is an absolute legend, and we hope he keeps performing for a long time. Share this post on Facebook if you want to tribute to Billy Joel.