During a recent visit to the newly-established Royal Osteoporosis Society headquarters, Queen Consort Camilla emphasized the importance of this cause to her. Her mother and grandmother died tragically from the debilitating condition in 1994 and 1986.

Camilla recalled some of her most poignant and meaningful memories of her mother’s fight against osteoporosis during a 2021 interview with Gloria Hunniford for the BBC on World Osteoporosis Day.

An assembly of guests joined the Queen Consort at a reception to commemorate the Royal Osteoporosis Society’s tremendous work.

This organization is especially important to Camilla, who has suffered an unimaginable loss due to this condition. This charity’s service assists those who have osteoporosis in better understanding their illness and how to manage it best.

Camilla’s story serves as a potent reminder that no one should go through such tragedy; the Royal Osteoporosis Society works tirelessly to provide those with osteoporosis with vital resources, treatments, and education.

Camilla delivered a powerful message on this important occasion, highlighting the incredible efforts of this charity in making a difference in countless lives worldwide. With the dedication and support of people like Camilla, those with osteoporosis can regain control of their diagnosis and live more fulfilling lives.

Camilla recalled how a friend entered the house and unintentionally broke one of her mother’s ribs while attempting to hug her. This incident demonstrated how unbearable the situation was.

Camilla also discussed her late mother, Rosalind Shand, age-related difficulties frequently overlooked by those around her.

When she paid people visits, they would apologize for her advanced age with a tearful “Sorry, you’re old.”

Camilla’s entire family was affected emotionally by the situation. They didn’t realize the gravity of the situation at first, wondering if Rosalind, Camilla’s mother, was overreacting. However, if they touched or moved her even slightly, she would scream in pain, indicating her severe condition.

The entire family struggled through this trying time, as humans trying to make sense of something that seemed irrational and beyond their control.

Camilla has made significant contributions to osteoporosis awareness as an ambassador for the Royal Osteoporosis Society. She believes that education is essential in preventing the condition and would like to see more young people take the time to learn about it rather than dismissing it as something that will happen to them as they age.

When Gloria asked Camilla if she was concerned about her family’s future, Camilla mentioned she showed her daughter images of her mother before and after her diagnosis so that they would be aware of what could happen if they did not take care of themselves.

She hoped these images would help them understand why they needed to stay healthy, making them more aware of their well-being.

Camilla is determined to ensure that future generations receive adequate knowledge and education about osteoporosis and its consequences, emphasizing the importance of prevention over treatment.

Furthermore, she strongly advises people to engage in weight-lifting exercises, eat calcium-rich foods, take vitamin D supplements, and avoid bone-weakening activities such as smoking or excessive drinking.

Camilla wholeheartedly supports these combined strategies for ensuring maximum skeletal health for both young and old.