Ellen DeGeneres shared a painful story about being sexually molested as a child by her stepfather in the next season of David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

The comedian spoke out about her horrible experience to encourage other females never to let somebody do that to them. With tears in her eyes, DeGeneres expressed her desire for others to learn from her mistakes and take action if they ever find themselves in a similar circumstance.

She emphasizes the importance of victims of assault being able to speak up against their abusers rather than remaining silent out of fear or shame.

It was an emotional moment for DeGeneres as she recalled the awful events of her past and expressed her hope that no one else has to go through what she did.

Ellen DeGeneres says that her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer soon after marrying her stepfather. Regrettably, this led to an awkward and overtly sexual relationship between them.

Her stepfather often pretended to examine her for lumps to feel her breasts until one instance when he tried to break down her door.

Afraid for her safety, DeGeneres decided to flee by kicking through the window and running away. She had been silent about the matter since she didn’t want to ruin her mother’s happiness.

Ellen DeGeneres eventually found the strength to tell her mother what had happened after years of trying to cope with the violence she had undergone at the hands of her stepfather.

On the other hand, her mother refused to believe her story and continued to live with the perpetrator for another eighteen years. Ellen’s mother finally decided to leave him after her stepfather constantly revised his version of events.

Ellen DeGeneres recently discussed the difficulties that women experience in finding their voice and being treated seriously. She believes it is time for women to speak up and be heard, as too many males get away with unacceptable behavior.

The talk show presenter stated that many women do not believe they are worthy or brave enough to speak out, which can lead to victims being rejected.

DeGeneres wanted to underscore the value of having an empowered voice and the power of standing together in the face of injustice. Women can alter society by speaking out and refusing to remain silent.