A show called My 600-lb Life showcases people working with experts to reduce their weight. The participants’ journey might be challenging and upsetting since they frequently have to provide personal information about their lives and why they became fat.

One contestant from season 7 of the program who left a lasting impression on viewers was Jeanne Covey. She weighed 600 pounds when the show first aired, and her obesity was the root of many of her health problems. Sadly, something occurred while she was on the show that caused her to quit.

Jeanne’s tale differed from the majority of the others on “My 600-lb Life” in a few areas. To start, she didn’t have the same kind of support network as the other participants. Her episode was among the saddest and most depressing in the show’s history because her weight reduction journey wasn’t as effective as others.

When Jeanne was young, she had a negative relationship with eating. As a kind of retaliation against her grandma, who wasn’t always so kind, she would steal food and sweets from her. She continued this habit throughout adulthood, gaining 700 pounds. Now, her life was in jeopardy. Thank goodness she was able to get help and change her life.

Jeanne was still reliant on her parents as an adult. The home where Jeanne lived was highly unsanitary, and Jeanne’s parents were preoccupied with managing their issues. Jeanne felt like a burden to her parents since she spent most of her days in a chair. As Jeanne couldn’t fit in the shower, her mother, Barbara, had to assist with washing Jeanne with a washcloth. Jeanne was taken to numerous specialists by Barbara, who did her utmost to help her daughter, but “none of it worked.”

Fortunately, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, known as Dr. Now from “My 600-lb Life,” had a facility near Jeanne’s home in Houston, Texas. This was fantastic news for Jeanne since when she and her mother first visited him at the beginning of her episode, she genuinely wanted his help.

Jeanne wanted to have gastric bypass surgery to shrink her stomach size to a walnut because she was pretty overweight. Before having the procedure, it was determined that Jeanne would try to lose a few pounds. She knew that Dr. Now had mentioned that she also needed to alter her food routine. Jeanne started eating better foods and less and posted updates about her progress on her Facebook page.

Everyone was looking forward to Jeanne’s journey with great anticipation, but something had changed her plans entirely. Jeanne’s mother developed an unexpected illness and required surgery. They got a troubling message when Jeanne and her mother were at the Houston hospital. They decided to call the police after realizing how long it had been since they had spoken to Jeanne’s father. Officers discovered Jeanne’s father in bed when they arrived at the isolated residence. Unfortunately, he was no longer with us.

After learning of her father’s passing, Jeanne decided to leave Dr. Now’s treatment program, which is understandable. Dr. Now advised Jeanne to speak with a mental coach and find professional assistance elsewhere. Since this was the only instance when a patient failed to finish the treatment plan, Dr. Now wanted to ensure Jeanne had the support she required.

Since the end of the program, Jeanne has made considerable strides in her quest for health. She published an update in August 2020 describing all her advancements. It’s evident that Jeanne is dedicated to leading a better life, and we hope she continues to have the support and assistance she requires as she progresses.