The terrible death of Jeff Beck, a long-time friend, and collaborator of Johnny Depp, has shocked the world. The English musician died on Tuesday, aged 78, surrounded by close friends and colleagues, including the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. According to an insider, Depp was present with Beck in his final moments.

Jeff Beck is a legendary rock guitarist credited with inventing some of rock’s most recognizable riffs. His technical skill and innovative approach to guitar playing and songwriting have earned him a place among the all-time greats. Beck’s influence on electric guitar playing may be heard in innumerable records ranging from modal jazz to heavy rock.

The two had gotten quite close working together over the years, most recently on their joint tour this summer, and according to the insider, “the illness worsened swiftly, and within a few weeks, it all went downward.” Johnny Depp is allegedly still coming to grips with Beck’s death, which is natural considering their close affinity and friendship, which will survive despite his untimely death.

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck, both accomplished artists in their own right, released their joint album 18 on July 15, last year. To complement the release, they teased a music video for the lead track “This Is a Song for Miss Hedy Lamarr” ahead of time.

In an official statement, the actor-turned-singer stated that it was an honor to collaborate on music with someone he can now name his brother. Beck shared his thoughts, saying there hadn’t been another creative partner like Depp in a long time and that he had a significant impact on the record.

He also confirmed his belief in Depp as a musician, despite some misgivings about Johnny’s ability to rock out.

This week, the public was shocked to learn that Jeff Beck, the legendary lead guitarist of The Yardbirds, had died. An unexpected onset of bacterial meningitis caused his death, and he passed away peacefully. His family has asked for privacy as they mourn this tragic death.

Beck’s career began in 1965 when he took over as lead guitarist for The Yardbirds from Eric Clapton. He has a long and varied career. His talent garnered him eight Grammy prizes throughout his career and these performances.

Jeff Beck’s wife, Sandra Beck, is still living today. She is undoubtedly in deep mourning over the abrupt death of her spouse and long-time friend; yet, with the love and support of others close to Beck, she may find solace and healing during this difficult time.