While delivering the mail to the 94-year-old, the postman heard a scream from inside. He smashed down the door out of fear. His life was forever altered by what he saw: “On the floor, for nearly 20 hours, she…”

Working as a mailman is an excellent method to meet new people and establish friends. While working, you never know who you’ll encounter, so having a conversation partner is always good. You could develop some trustworthy friends throughout the years because you meet so many people each and every day.

We love our mail carriers because they frequently form bonds with our dogs. They often bring snacks, so they eagerly await their arrival to deliver the mail or a parcel. This fosters a strong sense of neighborhood connection and community.

Being a mailman for some time, Josh Hafta is quite accustomed to his route. Over the years, he has grown to know some locals, like Alice Bachke, a 94-year-old woman.

This older woman, who has been living alone, eagerly anticipated each encounter with Josh. She frequently invited him over for a cup of tea and some cookies so they could talk.

Josh stood outside Alice’s door for a while because he knew she had trouble walking. He finally heard her voice screaming for help.

Alice was resting on the floor as Josh entered the room. She explained that she had been in that position for a day and could not rise when he asked what had happened. Josh volunteered to stay with her till she felt better and assisted her in getting to her feet.

Alice was carried by Josh and laid down on a bed. Alice was then transported to the hospital when he called for an ambulance. At the hospital, Alice received the right kind of medical care. She just had Josh as a guest, and she felt confident in his ability to save her.

He is her hero in her eyes. After sharing this story, Josh was given a medal for his bravery by his employer.

He assured her that he would always be there for her anytime she needed him, adding that he was glad to assist an old friend in need. We are so happy to hear that Josh was there in time and listened to his instincts that something wasn’t right instead of running out of fear when he heard the lady scream. We need more people like Josh in the world who would go out of their way just to help someone in need.

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