With his red hair and freckles, the “Borgasmord Kid” left a lasting impact on viewers in the 1970s. Now that Mason Reese is an adult, we’re taking a closer look at his life to see how it’s developed since those popular advertisements. Come along as we follow Reese’s career and learn about his activities since his days as a well-known kid actor.

Mason Reese was born in 1965 into a family with a history of performing. William “Bill” Reese, his father, was a director of marketing services and a set designer for theaters. And his mother, Sonia Darrin, was a well-known actress best recognized for appearing with Humphrey Bogart in the classic The Big Sleep (1946).

Mason first appeared in TV ads when he was four years old. Given his parents’ backgrounds, it’s hardly surprising that Mason found himself in front of the camera at a young age. Growing up in New York City, he attended Saint Michael’s Montessori School in Manhattan for his education.

When Mason was chosen to represent Underwood Deviled Ham’s “Borgasmord” advertising campaign, his career immediately took off. Mason, who was only a little child then, immediately became well-known because of his distinctive voice and red hair.

Mason soon became known as one of the most recognizable faces in America, thanks to his innate talent and charisma. When asked how frequently he had to rehearse “borgasmord,” Mason smiled and said, “I didn’t. I got it right the first time.”

In addition to earning Mason a CLIO Award for Best Male Performance in Commercial Television, the famed TV advertisement also gave the gifted actor numerous new opportunities.

Mason will always be known as the “Borgasmord Kid” to those who grew up watching television in the 1970s. He also appeared in iconic product advertisements, including Post Raisin Bran and Dunkin’ Donuts’ Dunkin’ Munchkins-brand doughnut holes. Many people still remember Mason’s advertisements fondly now.

Mason frequently appeared as a guest on The Mike Douglas Show due to his successful acting career. Mason and his parents’ daily lives became increasingly complex due to his celebrity recognition and rising wealth. Mason seemed to like acting, although perhaps it was a hobby. He even came close to having his program during the height of his fame.

Mason played the lead in a pilot that ABC aired on July 4th, 1977, but ABC decided not to proceed for various reasons. Mason then met with renowned television producer and executive Fred Silverman, but he was never given a screenplay that matched his style or what he wanted to achieve. Mason changed his career after retiring from acting and launching his chain of restaurants in New York City.

According to sources, Mason Reese, the former actor, has a $1 million net worth. Reese, who is just 4 feet 10 inches tall, appears to lead a happy and healthy life, unlike many other former child stars. In 2018, he started seeing an Instagram model who had 174k followers, which brought attention to one of his relationships.

Mason, thank you for all the beautiful memories throughout the years. I wish you all the best and that people will take the time to recognize your brilliance and contribution to television’s history.