Mia Robertson, daughter of Duck Dynasty stars Missy, and Jase Robertson, lost someone she adored last week.

Her long-time doctor, Dr. David Genecov, has passed away. Missy Robertson informed her Instagram followers that Mia had surgery to repair her cracked lip and palate.

Dr. Genecov’s death has complicated Mia’s life because he had been treating her for several years before his death.

He not only treated her medically, but he was also very kind and helpful throughout. Mia and her family are devastated by his death, as they have treasured their time together.

Mia Robertson has been fortunate to have had such a skilled and kind pediatrician her entire life.

Although his death has shocked and saddened them all, she will cherish her memories of him for the rest of her life. Mia’s heart will be filled with Dr. Genecov’s love as a constant reminder that he will never be forgotten.

Missy Robertson discusses how her husband’s generosity and unwavering support influenced her and her daughter, Mia Robertson.

His caring attitude brought them peace, and his encouragement inspired them to believe they could accomplish anything, no matter how difficult. Mia had her 14th operation in July, which she believes will be her final one.

She established the “Mia Moo Fund” so that other children could receive medical care and not have to hide their smiles due to health issues. Missy and Mia are more important than ever, thanks to the love and support of their family and friends, who have been there for them every step of the way.

Missy’s husband’s kindness and assistance helped to bring peace and stability to an otherwise stressful situation. His presence made Mia’s 14th procedure in July less frightening as they stood by her in the face of an unknown future.

Furthermore, he helped them gain strength beyond what either of them could have imagined before these trials; with each passing day, they felt more empowered to face whatever obstacles arose with courage and grace.

As a result of this trip, Mia founded the ‘Mia Moo Fund,’ a humanitarian organization dedicated to assisting children in need of medical care by providing financial assistance so that they do not have to compromise their smiles due to a lack of funds.

Missy Robertson broke the sad news to Mia with a heavy heart. Those he assisted and those close to him will never forget Dr. Genecov’s eagerness to involve his patients in decision-making, as well as his beautiful clothes and elegance.

Mia considers herself fortunate to have met Dr. David Genecov. His contribution to her cracked lip and palate journey, as well as the numerous medical breakthroughs he has left for future generations, is unparalleled.

Mia’s mother stated that she couldn’t remember life before meeting with Dr. David and asked everyone to pray for those who were suffering as a result of this tragedy.

The doctor’s work and warmth during this time of need held a special place in the family’s hearts, and they will be eternally grateful for what he gave medical advances that benefited lives worldwide.