A mother was frightened when she saw a particular aspect of a picture she had taken at her daughter’s graduation from seventh grade. The image, which spread rapidly on social media, revealed an abnormality in the mother’s garden.

The mother had no idea that something like this would happen, especially in the US. When the mother went to snap a picture of her daughter sitting near a tree, she was horrified by what she saw.

When the mother instructed her daughter to smile for the photo, a snake that had been hanging out in a tree nearby emerged. Fortunately, the daughter was uninjured, but both found the event terrifying.

“I snapped two photos after seeing the snake since it was frightening. I was remarkably calm when I urged her to back off, but I think she saw everything in my expression.”

The woman claimed that coming across a snake can be terrifying. After telling her daughter to back away, she took some shots of it.