One of the WESH news team’s reporters, Dylan Lyons, was shot and died while covering a story. Keith Moses, the Florida man responsible for the earlier-mentioned shooting spree, returned to the area and fatally shot Dylan in broad sight.

Moses also harmed the other person on the scene, who was behind the camera, and they are currently undergoing medical attention for their critical state.

Luana Munoz, another WESH journalist, arrived at the hospital where Dylan had died to report on his death. But, when she narrated this heartbreaking episode during her live broadcast, Munoz began to cry, unable to conceal her anguish for losing a colleague and friend.

Even though each victim had any prior link to Moses, his rampage claimed three lives and put two more in danger.

Munoz was struck with emotion as she spoke, her eyes welling up with tears she wiped away. It was difficult to endure at the Orlando Regional Medical Center, where the catastrophe had occurred.

As the media mourned together, Munoz lamented that this was a circumstance that all reporters dreaded when they clocked out and went home at night—unfortunately, this nightmare became a reality for the late 24-year-old reporter Robert Lyons.

Munoz didn’t feel right turning on her camera because the grief of watching his fiancee in such anguish was evident.

Moses, a renowned gunman, brutally killed Nathacha Augustin. He fired on Augustin around 11 a.m. and returned to the scene later, killing Dylan Lyons and injuring a colleague.

His actions triggered an extraordinary and sad chain of events, leaving another family in shock and sorrow.

Moses resumed his homicidal rampage at a nearby residence, murdering a mother and her 9-year-old daughter. Though the mother was critically injured, it was too late for her child, who died due to the violence.

While many gathered to mourn the loss of Nathacha Augustin and Dylan Lyons, as well as their loved ones, the pain caused by this tragic tragedy echoed across Orlando and beyond.

Investigators are investigating the motive behind the killings and believe there is no connection between the shooter and the mother and young child killed. This incident has caused widespread anguish in the Orlando area.

Moses, only 19 years old, has a criminal past that includes charges as a juvenile for narcotics possession with paraphernalia, aggravated battery, assault, and grand theft. In 2021, he was charged with a misdemeanor for drug possession.

Spectrum News stated the incident, expressing their heartfelt condolences for their employee’s death and all those affected by this horrible event. They also expressed their wish that their injured colleague would recover completely.