A mutual acquaintance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle introduced them in the summer of 2016, believing they would be a great fit. Their romance swiftly bloomed, and the world was fascinated by the union of one of the most eligible bachelors and an accomplished Hollywood actress. Everyone was talking about this fascinating duo before long.

Meghan was already well-known for her performances in television and movies, but never on such a worldwide scale as she became when she was linked to Prince Harry. People are increasingly interested in learning more about their relationship, including its development, problems, and accomplishments. This was especially true because it appeared to be something out of a fairy tale: two people from diverse origins finding genuine love.

As their bond became stronger, their relationship became official, and anticipation about their future rose. They decided to step down as senior members of The Royal Family of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in January 2020 and begin their new life overseas as a married couple after both having faced problems connected with being in the public spotlight throughout their relationship.

Many people were surprised by the couple’s quick engagement, and they married in May 2018. Meghan and Harry revealed their pregnancy shortly after their wedding.

Joining the British royal family would be an extraordinary challenge for Meghan, who would face several limitations and confrontations from some who could not accept her because of her color and former vocation as an American actress.

As the media pounced on Meghan, Kensington Palace responded by issuing a statement asking them to ease off their negative coverage of her.

As a result, the couple decided to withdraw from the royal family and keep their son away from such notoriety to guarantee he had a peaceful upbringing. However, they still fully supported Queen Elizabeth II. They desired to be financially independent of the monarchy while being loyal.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their desire to leave the royal family and go to a more private location to raise their kid with an appreciation of his royal history while also having time and space for their new charitable organization, the world was stunned. Many people were left wondering if Meghan had forced Harry to make this decision.

Since then, the couple’s lives have been considerably quieter. Meghan recently disclosed that she had kept a diary until recently when she began detailing her particular relationship with Prince Harry. If this were ever published, it would undoubtedly be a best-seller, though the royal family might not be thrilled, especially given some of Meghan’s decisions. At the same time, she was a member of the royal family.

For example, she reportedly announced their pregnancy while attending Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding with other royal family members, which is claimed to have been humiliating for Harry. This demonstrates Meghan’s leadership by deciding when it was acceptable to make such a declaration without asking anybody else beforehand – a mistake she eventually paid for.

Meghan’s announcement at such an inconvenient time irritated the Mathews family, as she was clearly seeking to divert attention away from the other event. Her husband, Prince Harry, was equally shocked by his wife’s behavior. Nonetheless, this does not absolve Meghan from being a “target” for individuals who have never met her. It is immoral to subject someone to such scrutiny if they are unaware of who they are.

Meghan has experienced harsh criticism for her decisions since joining the royal family, which is often unfair and may be emotionally draining for those subjected to it. Despite this, she has stuck to her beliefs and continues to do what she believes is right. Unfortunately, some individuals still use her for entertainment and pleasure, regardless of how much agony it causes her.

It is critical to remember that harassment and mistreatment of any type should never be accepted; no one should be made an example simply because they are more visible than others. Everyone deserves respect, regardless of their background or current situation. As a result, Meghan should not be subjected to public humiliation simply because she is a member of the British Royal Family; instead, we should work to establish a culture that accepts all people regardless of their background or social standing.