After a protracted battle with illness, Richard Gere decided that the best course of action was to be admitted to a hospital for medical treatment, and he is now on his path to total health.

The actor was on vacation with his family in Mexico’s scenic Nuevo Vallarta when he was diagnosed with pneumonia, which he initially mistook for a minor cough that prompted him to seek medical attention.

Nonetheless, Richard was discharged and able to return home after being treated in the hospital overnight.

Alejandra Silva was not the only one in her family who had been sick for the preceding few weeks on her 40th birthday. Her husband, Richard Gere, had also been ailing, and he had traveled to Mexico with her to celebrate her milestone birthday.

Alejandra sent an update on his health on Instagram, thanking everyone for their well-wishes and noting that she finally felt much better after nearly three weeks of sickness in their family.

She posted a photo of herself on the beach walking with their two sons, born in 2019 and 2020, as proof that they are all on the mend.

Although having recently endured such difficult times, it is apparent that Richard and Alejandra have a strong support system around them since this trying moment has shown them how valuable life is and how fortunate they are to be surrounded by people who care about them.

Through these challenging times, Richard and Alejandra have shown incredible strength and tenacity in conquering whatever obstacles may come their way.

Alejandra took to Instagram to notify her dedicated followers that Richard had been admitted to the hospital, generating a flood of love and well-wishes. She sent them a touching note saying, “Thank you for all the love. I give it all back to you!” She was stunned by their kindness.

Alejandra shared an update on Richard’s condition this past Sunday in a post that included a photo of him wearing a mask while out with one of their sons. “I woke up this morning and saw the news, as well as all of your kind and concerned messages,” she said in the caption. “He’s getting better.”

She explained that he was doing much better than the day before and thanked everyone who had expressed concern. She thanked them for taking the time to give them such nice notes, expressing her gratitude for their support during this difficult time.

Alejandra wants to convey her gratitude for the outpouring of compassion from her supporters during this challenging period for Richard’s health.

Although he has more recovery ahead of him, he appears to have already passed through some of the most challenging times and is returning to health.