Since Lisa Marie Presley’s death, her family and the rest of the world have been fighting to manage their loss. Even amid tragedy, drama is never far away in any family.

After it came out that Lisa Marie Presley changed her will in 2016 without telling her mother, Priscilla Presley recently said she was contesting the will.

Riley and her late son Benjamin Keough took over as co-trustees of Lisa Marie’s inheritance from Priscilla and Lisa Marie’s old business manager in the new will.

Many people who have followed their story for years have been taken aback by the announcement, especially when neither party was aware of their involvement in such a crucial choice.

Many people have questioned why Lisa Marie would make such changes without consulting those closest to her or why she would make them at all.

We might never know the whole story behind this decision, but it’s clear that Priscilla’s challenge is just another sad part of a hard time for the family.

Riley Keough, the daughter of the late Lisa Marie Presley, is “disappointed” that her grandmother is contesting her mother’s will. Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ ex-wife and Riley’s grandmother has filed to alter Lisa Marie’s trust-administered estate after her death.

Mrs. Presly attempts to change Riley’s desires about the estate’s $31 million life insurance payouts.

Riley believes her grandma is breaking her mother’s intentions by disputing the will, according to a source.

The insider added that this might be owing to Priscilla’s
misunderstanding or presumed notion about what was mentioned in the document – albeit this has yet to be formally proven.

Riley doesn’t like what her grandmother is doing because she believes it goes against what her mother wanted for both of them after she died. If no settlement is reached, this conflict could have long-term ramifications for their family ties.

Money can often make a bad situation worse. Still, it would encourage everyone to work together and find a solution instead of getting into a long legal battle over Lisa Marie’s legacy.

Riley is upset by her grandmother’s actions, which seem to be pulling the family apart, even though Riley wants to carry on her mother’s legacy.

Priscilla said that she was doing everything she could to support the relationships between all members of the family. Unfortunately, Lisa Marie didn’t get along well with her mother, and their relationship was full of problems.

Since Lisa Marie’s death, Riley has sought to fulfill the Presley family’s need for unity and togetherness. This desire has been harmed by Priscilla’s actions, which have made them even more distant from each other. Riley wants to keep their relationship alive as much as possible. In contrast, Priscilla appears to be doing the opposite.

Lisa Marie had previously stated that she frequently felt her mother did not understand her correctly, which had resulted in countless misunderstandings and arguments.

Their lack of understanding worsened over time and may have been one of the main things that made their relationship difficult.

Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley’s relationship was far from close or intimate. The 2016 amendment, in which Priscilla was accused of still trying to control her daughter after all these years, shows that this did affect the relationship between mother and daughter.

Lisa Marie, Riley, and Benjamin, who was born to become trust beneficiaries, meant everything to their mother. She would go to tremendous measures to protect them and assure their well-being.

Unfortunately, this kind of tragic situation happens all too often in families with similar rivalries, which can be very hard to deal with when someone dies. The emotional toll on everyone impacted is enormous, and our thoughts are with Lisa Marie Presley’s family during this difficult time.