Sir Elton John chose surgery over chemotherapy after being diagnosed with prostate cancer to keep the disease from affecting his family.

The operation in Los Angeles was considered a success, but he began to experience an unusual problem ten days later. As a result of him lying awake at night wondering if he would survive, he was admitted to a London hospital for 11 days.

During this time, the 75-year-old musician thought about spending more time with his family, including his husband, David Furnish, and his two boys, Zachary and Elijah. He recognized how near he was to death after only 24 hours and declared that this was a wake-up call for him to slow down and prioritize more important times with his loved ones.

During the nighttime solitude of the hospital, Elton John prayed desperately for more time on this earth with his loved ones, yearning to see his children again. Feeling lucky and appreciative of the opportunity to be given a second chance, he realized that to have more time, he needed to learn how to live differently, which meant slowing down and appreciating life’s small pleasures.

Elton John has come out in support of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following the controversy over their decision to use private jets as part of their holiday travel plans. He feels they have a right to privacy and should not be subjected to public scrutiny for their lifestyle choices.

During his recovery, his sons also shared their experiences with him. It was almost as if he had been granted a new life, one that was far superior to the one he had before being ill.

Even though the music had always been his love, hearing Zachary’s stories about his days on the baseball field or playing football with his pals at school felt more precious and significant than any song ever written or performed.

John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour featured more than simply farewell performances; it also served as the setting for a reunion between him and Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana had earlier withdrawn her offer to write the introduction to a book to assist John’s AIDS charity.

However, on the day that world-renowned fashion designer Gianni Versace was cruelly gunned down, John and Diana reconnected and patched up their quarrel.

This was no ordinary farewell tour; it was an emotional period for all parties engaged in the quarrel as they sought to ensure an amicable closure between them. It was highly noteworthy to John because of his commitment to philanthropic work related to HIV/AIDS.

He thought that by publishing this book, he would be able to raise awareness about his cause while also expressing his gratitude to those who had supported him in his struggle against cancer. Diana’s gift was tremendously appreciated not just by John but also by individuals who have HIV/AIDS all around the world.

As a result, now that the tour is concluded – at least in terms of touring – there is no doubt in John’s mind that he will never perform live concerts. He believes that putting an end to his historical conflict with Princess Diana on such a momentous occasion will serve as a final reminder of why he chose music as a tool for change in the first place. As he moves away from touring, may he always remember why he chose music – and charity – to help achieve long-term change in our world.