Stephen “tWitch” Boss, the famed DJ and dancer, is said to have left a hint highlighting his challenges in the days leading up to his untimely death. Local law enforcement officers believe his suicide letter is related to previous troubles.

As previously stated, tWitch committed suicide on Tuesday (December 13). He had taken an Uber to a motel less than a mile from his house the day before and had set his phone to airplane mode to avoid incoming calls.

Allison Holker was disturbed when she arrived at a Los Angeles Police Department because her husband’s strange behavior of leaving without his car or responding to her messages was out of character for him, considering that he generally answers her calls without fail.

Unfortunately, tWitch sadly ended his life by shooting himself in the head and was discovered by a hotel staff member inside his room. It is reported that the DJ had gone through a series of difficulties that forced him to take such drastic action, which will undoubtedly be immensely distressing for those who knew him.

Stephen “tWitch” Boss’s untimely death has left a great emptiness in the hearts of those fortunate enough to have known him. Allison, his wife, issued an emotional statement on December 14, announcing the tragic news that he had committed suicide inside a motel room on December 13.

“I have to communicate that to my spouse. Stephen has left us,” Allison said, expressing her anguish. “It is with the deepest regret.” She went on to characterize her husband as a light that brightened every area he visited, emphasizing his unselfish dedication to his family, friends, and community and his role as a leader and model for others.

tWitch’s absence will be felt greatly by those closest to him, especially his beloved wife, Allison, and three children, Maddox, Zaia, and Weslie, leaving behind a legacy of endless love and light. Allison’s final desire was for her family to grieve privately at this challenging time. “Stephen, we love you, we miss you, and I’ll always save the last dance for you,” she said.

Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ death has been heartbreaking for everyone who knew him, as Allison’s impassioned statement announcing the news attests.

tWitch was recognized for radiating happiness and excitement wherever he went while also serving as an excellent leader by leading with love and light – attributes that will go on long after he is gone. His loss will be felt keenly by those closest to him as they try to navigate this challenging period without him by their sides – may he rest in peace.