Dolph Lundgren struck Sylvester Stallone so hard while filming “Rocky IV” that he had to be taken to the hospital.

Sylvester says in a documentary about the film’s production on the actor’s YouTube channel that his co-star “pulverized” him. He explains that, while it didn’t hurt at first, he began to feel discomfort in his chest after a while.

It’s similar to when someone is in a car accident, and their chest collides with the steering wheel. Stallone was taken to the hospital as a result of the force.

The actor’s blood pressure had risen to an alarming level of 260, which concerned the medical team treating him. As a result, he was flown from Canada to St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California, on a special low-altitude flight.

When he arrived, he was surrounded by nuns and other ICU personnel who had been dispatched to ensure his condition remained stable. Even though he was uncomfortable, he was still obligated to complete his mission and finish the battle before him.

This took a tremendous effort on his part as he worked day and night to recover from the illness that had struck him so suddenly. He eventually recovered and returned to total health after four days in the ICU, which would have been impossible without his dedication to himself and those working around him.

Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone, returns in the fourth installment of the beloved “Rocky” franchise, “Rocky IV.” Rocky is a world champion boxer in this film, and he is inspired to take on the massive Soviet boxer Ivan Drago (played by Dolph Lundgren) after learning that his friend Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) was killed in the ring by him.

Lundgren delivers a devastating punch to Rocky’s chest during their fight scene, which Stallone has stated must have been included in the film – an iconic moment for fans of the series.

Rocky decides to fly out and confront Drago in his home country, the Soviet Union, to face his formidable opponent from across the Iron Curtain and avenge his friend’s death. The highly anticipated match between them is an enthralling and suspenseful sequence full of action, bravery, and adrenaline-pumping emotion, as one would expect from any Rocky film.

Finally, it comes down to two opponents fighting for something bigger than themselves; one seeks redemption, while the other seeks justice. As is customary for this franchise, fans are left with an uplifting story about never giving up hope, no matter how difficult or daunting the circumstances appear.