Tori Roloff recently told her husband, Zach, about a difficult day as a mother. Although she enjoys parenting, there are times when her patience is tested, and she finds herself raising her voice or becoming irritated with her children.

Tori described the subsequent sense of guilt, which many parents can identify with. Zach responded that he doesn’t feel the same sense of ‘dad guilt,’ but Tori disagreed.

Parenting is a rewarding experience, but it is also a difficult one, and it is natural for moms and dads to feel overwhelmed at times. All parents have limits, and sometimes exceeding them can result in feelings of guilt or shame, making it even more important for us to be aware of our behavior when dealing with our children.

This is true for both mothers and fathers; while they may not feel the same guilt at times, they are still accountable for their actions and how they affect their children.

It is critical to remember that it is okay if we do not always have the patience we would like – parenting is challenging work! We all make mistakes, and it is sometimes necessary to step back and apologize for our actions. Both mothers and fathers must recognize their role in teaching children right from wrong and accept responsibility for their words and actions so that they can model positive behaviors for their children, even in difficult situations.

Reversing his previous statement, Zach admitted to feeling guilty at times, though not in the same way Tori does. Tori’s guilt stems from the feeling that she hasn’t done enough for her children in a single day, whereas Zach’s guilt is usually triggered by something he has said or done that he shouldn’t have.

Tori explained during a confessional that while their conversation had started lightheartedly, she was serious about what she was saying. This took an unpleasant turn when Zach began to laugh after she stated that she rarely yells, which significantly hurt her feelings.

She then asked him if he wanted to know what had happened the day before, to which he responded jokingly rather than thoughtfully. His attitude aggravated her even more because it seemed as if he didn’t give any credit to what she was saying, which completely overwhelmed her.

Zach and Tori Roloff met on Zach’s family farm in 2010 and fell in love; however, it wasn’t until 2014 that he summoned the courage to ask her out. They later got engaged and married on his family’s farm the following year, with around 200 guests in attendance.

This union gave birth to their first child, Jackson, in 2017 and a daughter named Lilah Ray two years later. Their family recently expanded with the arrival of Josiah Luke in April 2022.

The couple is adamant about sticking to their routine, with Zach in charge of the exterior and Tori in the interior. Though she is grateful for her efforts, she complains that Zach holds her accountable, which often leads to long days.

Despite this, they are committed to supporting one another through life’s experiences and navigating parenthood as a formidable team.

Tori Roloff recently shared an exciting seven-month update on their newest addition, Josiah, on social media! Despite a few ups and downs this month, the little one has learned some excellent skills!

He now has two extra teeth, is crawling and rolling around, has discovered a new volume for his voice ranging from glee to extreme fussiness, loves to snack on all kinds of goodies, took his first airplane ride to Arizona, and has a smile that can light up any room. On the other hand, his cries are so heartbreaking that they could rip any heart out!

Tori expressed her and her family’s love for Josiah and everything he brings into their lives. Furthermore, they’ve experienced their first significant holiday season as a family of four, with Thanksgiving particularly memorable. The baby could enjoy the festivities surrounding him, including new faces, special foods, and lots of love, making for a memorable and joyful occasion.