The Roloff family, best known for their presence on the smash reality show Small People, Big World, has suffered the tragic loss of several loved ones. Despite the grief and suffering, this has finally brought the family closer together than they were before.

Matt Roloff had a tough year since his father, Ronald James Roloff, died. In a touching Instagram post, the 60-year-old expressed lovely words about his beloved father, who died at 84.

The Roloff family has been greatly grieved by the death of their beloved father, who was affectionately known as ‘Papa’ by his ten grandkids and ten great-grandchildren.

Ron was a wonderful husband, father, grandparent, and great-grandfather who touched many people’s lives with his unwavering love and devotion.

His steadfast faith in Jesus was evident throughout his life, particularly in his dying hours on earth. He inspired everyone who had the pleasure of meeting paths with him.

Matt had to deal with the devastating loss of his loving father due to chronic lymphocytic leukemia and the death of his younger brother Josh.

Josh died at 34 from a severe heart and lung ailment that had plagued him since childhood. The entire Roloff family was devastated by the loss of these two significant persons.

Unfortunately, Amy and Matt’s family endured the terrible grief of loss with Josh’s death and Patricia Knight’s death within months of Amy’s engagement to her second husband, Chris Marek.

They dedicated their book Small Family, Big Values to Josh to honor him and keep his legacy alive. They expressed how much they admired him as a fantastic son, brother, uncle, and friend during his brief but significant life.

Although he is no longer with them on earth, they believe that when their time comes, they will all be reunited in Heaven.

Amy and Matt’s lives were thrown into a flurry of emotions in the summer of 2019. On the one hand, Chris had proposed to Amy, and she was overjoyed to accept his marriage proposal.

Sadly, her family received the devastating news that her mother had been rushed to the hospital and died only days later. Amy was in a state of sadness and confusion as she fought to absorb all of the complicated feelings she was experiencing.

Jacob, their son, could never meet or form a relationship with his mother-in-law.

Jacob and Isabel married in 2019. However, the precise date they met is unknown. Yet, their paths were unlikely to cross until 2012, when Isabel’s brother, Tomás Garrenton, was tragically killed in a railway accident.

Isabel has sworn to ensure her child with Jacob knows everything about her beloved brother. “He’ll understand who you were – your humor that would make me grin anytime I was blue and your talent as a musician before you departed away,” she has stated publicly. Uncle Tomás, my kid, will learn everything about you.”

Isabel was saddened when she lost her loving mother, Toni Garreton, just two years after her brother died. The agony of such catastrophic losses overcame her as she drove down a familiar road in her hometown, one she and her mother had taken countless times before.

Isabel could smell her mother’s perfume and hear the echo of her mother’s laughter in the air at that time. All of those memories came flooding back to Isabel, reminding her of how much love and time they had spent together.

Despite the immense grief that comes with such a significant loss, Isabel is grateful for all the experiences and moments she could enjoy with her mother—moments she will cherish forever.