Al Roker and his family have been through a difficult period recently, as the beloved TV personality was forced to stay in the hospital due to blood clots in his lungs. Throughout this challenging time, his family was there for him, both emotionally and physically.

According to reports this week, Al was able to leave the hospital and return home just in time for Thanksgiving, except for an ambulance transport back the next day due to a medical emergency. His youngest daughter, Leila, turned to Instagram to update her fans on their recent challenges during November.

Alongside some uplifting photographs of her and her family (sister Courtney, brother Nick, mom Deborah Roberts) was a message which read: “November photo dump – the bits of this month that were genuinely beautiful.” This demonstrated her appreciation for all of the blessings they had received despite their difficult circumstances.

Many admirers offered words of support and love to the Today show’s beloved anchor after she visited her ailing father. “Hope your dad is feeling and doing well,” “Love to you!” and “Praying for many pleasant times, as well as prayers for your family and your father,” people said.

The beloved presenter had been absent from the show owing to health difficulties, but he was released from the hospital on Thursday, November 24th, just in time for the holidays. Unfortunately, an ambulance returned him to the hospital less than 24 hours later, where he remains. His wife, Deborah, is said to have quickly followed him from their Upper East Side apartment.

The much-loved television personality had been missing from his hosting duties for several weeks owing to a medical ailment. Still, upon his return, it was evident that he needed more time to properly rehabilitate before returning to the screen.

As a result, he will not resume responsibilities this week or the following week, making it two weeks since spectators have seen him grace their televisions. Meanwhile, those who care about him continue to send their best wishes and prayers, hoping he will recover soon.

Al has worked hard to keep his Instagram page up to date by posting everyday content about his life to his followers. Nonetheless, it’s been about a week since his last post. On the other hand, Deborah recently shared an update on her Facebook account, along with a photo taken from what appears to be a hospital room of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree being illuminated on television.

Deborah’s photo was highly inspiring and compelling; it spoke to the hearts of many struggling in these current conditions, especially when families typically meet for festivities and pleasant occasions. The Rockefeller Center tree lighting has been a New York City tradition for more than 80 years, and it represents hope, comfort, and joy throughout the Christmas season.

Seeing such light in terrible times might bring hope to those who need it the most. This could explain why Deborah shared this special event with her friends and family on social media.