Chrissy Corbitt has firsthand knowledge of the challenges of delivering a big baby. She was already the mother of three children, weighing 9 and 10 pounds, and she expected her fourth child to be in the same weight range.

She had no idea that an extraordinary surprise awaited her. Her baby belly caught a lot of attention as she walked out of her residence due to its size.

Chrissy’s history of diabetes throughout prior pregnancies was one reason that contributed to her considerable belly growth. High blood sugar levels in the third trimester might cause fetal development to accelerate, potentially leading to delivery problems.

Medical doctors predicted Chrissy’s daughter would weigh around 10 pounds, preparing her for what would come. Chrissy eventually had a C-section one week ahead of schedule, bringing her darling little child into the world. Carleigh was her given name.

Chrissy overheard strange comments while undergoing surgery, such as, “I don’t think this baby is going to end.” Perplexed, she sought clarification from a nurse, who revealed the newborn’s weight. Carleigh weighed in at an incredible 13 pounds.

Chrissy and Larry made the compassionate decision to give all the clothes and diapers they had purchased for their infant, Carleigh, upon returning home.

Instead, they required clothing for youngsters aged 9 to 10 months. Nonetheless, Carleigh, a healthy and cheerful baby, brought them immeasurable delight.

Chrissy shared her love for her daughter, describing her as a “big squishy baby.” Above all, the most significant relief came from Carleigh’s good health.

After all, weight can be managed and modified over time, allowing her to live a fulfilling life. Notably, the giant baby ever born weighed a whopping 23 pounds and entered the world in 1879.

Chrissy’s healthy and stunningly gorgeous baby girl’s birth offers her great joy. Despite her enormous stature, Carleigh is a brilliant illustration of how nature can defy expectations. Do you know of any more infants born at such incredible weights?