Frank Fritz was an instantly recognizable face on television, but he went through a lot in his personal life. This is the story of his unlucky circumstances.

Frank and Diann Bankson had a long-lasting relationship that eventually turned hostile. They began dating when Frank was 25 and was engaged in 2017. They purchased a farmhouse in Iowa and began living together the following year.

Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse when Bankson accused her partner of cheating, claiming she had walked into their bedroom and discovered him with someone else. Following this incident, their relationship rapidly deteriorated, resulting in Frank’s alcoholism, unemployment, and an increased risk to his health.

The time they spent together left an indelible mark on both parties; even though they are no longer together, they will never forget their turbulent relationship.

Fritz was devastated when he discovered that Bankson had betrayed him. He had already purchased a house and an expensive ring for their upcoming wedding. Fritz got a tattoo that read “Once a cheater, always a cheater” as a reminder not to repeat the same mistake.

This incident caused him both emotional and financial distress. He began drinking heavily to cope with his heartbreak, significantly pushing his weight to plummet. He admitted that he had tried everything he could to get over her but had ultimately failed. Despite this, Fritz still had feelings for Bankson and wanted to marry her regardless of what she had done.

Fritz was dealing with health issues, which caused him to take time away from American Pickers, the show he hosted on the History Channel. His absence had been difficult for the show’s fans, who were eager for him to return so they could enjoy it once more. He had back surgery, and after much healing and recovery, Fritz declared that he was ready to return to his long-running series with zeal and determination.

Fritz reported that, while no official announcement had been made regarding his reappearance, the showrunner had contacted him and promised to bring him back. Nonetheless, Fritz was not considered for a hosting role at this time, according to TMZ.

In the meantime, his ex-girlfriend, Bankson, has revealed her relationship with Eric Longlett, an engineering administration manager. She proudly shared photos of their recent outing at Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road Farewell Tour on social media, captioning them: “He took me to see Elton John’s farewell tour, Yellow Brick Road. I’m a very fortunate woman. I adore you, babe oxo.”

Bankson’s announcement of her new companion coincided with her decision not to return as a co-host on the show. Fritz’s long involvement in the program could be noticed – he’d been the host for over ten years – but there appeared to be no plans for him to return as a presenter. She expressed her gratitude for being fortunate enough to have found Eric and had no plans to reunite with Fritz anytime soon.

Fritz’s friend encountered a terrifying situation on July 4th, 2022, when he discovered the young man lying unconscious on his house floor. Fritz’s companion quickly contacted the emergency services and reported that he was having a seizure. The conversation was captured on video by The US Sun.

Fritz’s father, Bill Fritz, told reporters that his son was doing well despite his illness and had made significant progress since being admitted to the hospital. Nonetheless, the road was not easy; after leaving the hospital, he was placed under guardianship and transferred to a skilled nursing home for further rehabilitation.

It is claimed that in early August 2022, one of Fritz’s long-time acquaintances applied for and eventually obtained legal guardianship rights over him as part of an emergency appointment that included conservatorship measures. This procedure allows someone else to make decisions on behalf of their ward if they are unable or incapacitated to do so themselves due to illness or disability.

His friend was named his guardian, and the bank was entrusted with overseeing and managing his finances as his conservator. This meant that the bank was in charge of all payments for his care facility, such as medical services, health insurance, maintenance costs, and property taxes.

They would also be responsible for providing him with transportation to and from activities and medical appointments. To be appointed as his friend’s guardian, he had to submit an “initial care plan,” which included participation in decision-making since the stroke.

Furthermore, all decisions made on his behalf must reflect the individual’s wishes or, if applicable, his family members. The bank would need to make sure that proper arrangements are in place to ensure his well-being and that any requirements are met on time.

After documents revealed that Frank Fritz, a popular television show host, needed a guardian and conservator, it was recently determined that he needed a guardian and conservator.

To provide him with the care he requires, his appointed guardian must make decisions about Frank’s living situation, place of residence, health, and healthcare needs, as well as facilitate Frank’s participation in activities; and maintain open communication between family members, romantic interests, and other concerned parties.

In addition to these responsibilities, the guardian must submit an annual report detailing their progress in caring for Frank’s well-being. The severity of his condition suggested that he could not make sound financial or medical decisions without endangering himself further.

Given the possibility of physical or mental harm from such neglectful behavior, it became clear that a guardian was required to protect Fritz from further suffering.

The court determined that appointing a guardian was critical in preventing Fritz from suffering harm and granted them authority over certain aspects of his life until he received adequate treatment for his injuries.

This case has been heartbreaking for everyone involved, and we can only hope that Frank recovers quickly so he can resume making decisions independently. Please share this story with your friends and family so they can learn what happened to the beloved TV show host, and I wish him a speedy recovery.