Lucy and Maria Aylmer are not identical twins. They appear incredibly different from one another at the age of 18.

While one twin is darker with a mane of wavy brown ringlets and brown eyes, the other is lighter with straight ginger hair and blue eyes. The twins have a tight relationship despite their noticeable physical differences.

The Gloucester twins are drawing attention because they claim that no one thinks they are twins. While Donna, their mother, is half-Jamaican, Vince, Lucy, and Maria’s father is Caucasian. Lucy said it was a shock to their mother because characteristics like skin tone don’t show up on scans before delivery.

She had no idea there were any distinctions between them. So she was startled when the doctor delivered them two. We don’t even resemble sisters or twins when we dress similarly. “Even our friends have requested verification in the form of our birth certificates,” according to Lucy.

In January 1997, the girls were born. When she first laid eyes on them, their mother was astounded because the scans had not revealed their varied skin tones. George, 23, Chynna, 22, and Jordan, 21, are the three siblings older than the 18-year-olds. According to Lucy, the skin tones of our brothers and sisters are similar to mine and Maria’s.

They are all in the middle, while we are at the opposing extremes of the spectrum. There was no way to fool our peers into thinking we were the same at school, and they had no trouble recognizing us apart.

According to Lucy, we were in the same class, yet no one had any difficulty distinguishing us. There was no way Maria and I could ever switch identities, even though twins are known to do so occasionally.

According to the couple, their three older siblings are “something in-between.” Although Lucy claimed that most twins look similar to two peas in a pod, she and her sister couldn’t be more different. Non-identical twins, or fraternal twins, are created when two unique sperm fertilize two separate eggs.

As different as they can be regarding looks, the twins also have distinct interests.

Lucy said that “I was the shy one, while Maria was extroverted. However, Maria enjoys bragging about having a white twin to her college friends, and I’m happy to have a black twin.” Their mixed-parentage background is the cause of these diverse interests and viewpoints.

We wish them nothing but the best and salute the big beautiful family they have.