About Us

Matheustuff offers content, news and services on many different topics. To communicate with users in an interactive environment, it adopted certain publishing principles.

Our webiste publishing principles are an expression of the values ​​and standards we espouse. The principles here govern the good practices we expect from the creators and editors of all content on the site, whether it is the webiste itself or an independent company working for the website, for any of the following means:


News and content on the site cannot be published without being researched. Ensuring their authenticity is one of our top priorities in this regard: to make realistic and unbiased publications that do not mislead the public. For this reason, accuracy and reliability are at the top of our priority list. Our goal is to minimize errors caused by lack of knowledge and care and to fix them as soon as possible so that the information does not misinform the user.

We respect the right of reply and disclaimer arising from false posts.


No one in our content has the right to humiliate people in terms of race, gender, age, health, political opinions, social status, social opinion, sexual orientation and religious beliefs; we take care not to knowingly harm groups such as children, people with special needs and minorities in need of attention.

We do not allow publications on religious and moral issues to create hatred and disrupt national unity and integrity.

Restriction of freedom of thought, conscience and expression:

We do not use content or news that is shocking or offensive to the general understanding of morality, religious sentiments and basic fundamentals.

We do not use expressions that degrade, slander natural and/or legal persons under the name of criticism.
We avoid creating content that encourages violence and bullying and that harms human values.
We take care not to include details and elements that may influence people, incite crime and especially develop negative incidents. Even if the events presented in our articles are not possitive, we take care to present them in an objective way.
We take care that our content and news are not against the national and moral values ​​of the society and the family structure. We avoid publications that may damage the structure of the family, the smallest unit of society.

We will not declare anyone “guilty” unless proven guilty by court order.


We consider that all elements of our services respect human dignity and fundamental human rights.
We respect privacy and do not violate it without a good reason. We do not disclose private conduct, communications and conversations except in cases of clear public interest.

We do not broadcast private lives except when the public interest requires it.
We do not use other people’s personal information or photos as the subject of content without permission.
In our content and news, we take care not to use expressions that degrade or defame individuals and organizations beyond the limits of criticism.


We pay attention to the production of our content, the services we provide and the topics we address, not from a single perspective, but from more perspectives.
We try to be objective, not an individual opinion. Our users can also contribute to the website because diversity of ideas and the representation of different ideas are essential for us.


The WEBSITE is independent of both governmental and partisan interests. Our users should be able to understand political or business pressures or personal interests and not influence our decisions adhering to the principles of impartiality, honesty and accuracy in publishing our news. We do not inhibite the formation of free opinion; We care about protecting the privacy of news sources, except where the intention is to mislead the public.

We take it as a principle not to download content from English websites that have the same format as ours.
We do not publish the information and content we collect from other sources without specifying it.