One of her era’s most attractive actors and models was Brooke Shields. She appeared in numerous Calvin Klein advertisements, with the most recognizable tagline being “You want to know what stands between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” This line became synonymous with Brooke Shields and Calvin Klein.

The model in question was the face of a Calvin Klein advertisement that generated a lot of debate in the 1980s due to its sexual nature. Even though the ad is decades old, many people still see it as one of the most risqué advertisements of all time.

Being young at the time, Brooke failed to recognize the inappropriateness of her line. She then expressed regret for the uproar the advertisement generated. Some nations banned the advertisement because Brooke’s line was perceived as having sexual connotations.

Brooke recently talked about how the media oversexualizes young actors and models. She used her own modeling experience for the Calvin Klein company as evidence, calling it “practically criminal.” According to Brooke, the interview with journalist Barbara Walters was extremely painful for her.

Following the scandal, Brooke appeared in several interviews. One of them involved Barbara Walters, and she described the experience as “maddening.” The discussion, according to her, “was not journalism.”

Brooke recounts Barbara asking her a few inappropriate questions during the interview. According to Brooke, she was questioned about her dimensions and asked if she had any secrets she had withheld from her mother. She was only fifteen. In an interview with Vogue published in October 2021, Brooke also discussed the negative feedback she received from the campaign.

Brooke Shields admitted that when her Calvin Klein advertisement first aired, she was unaware of the double entendre. It seemed so ridiculous to her that the paparazzi would yell, “How could you!” at her and her mother. Brooke claimed that she had never considered the line slightly sexual. I suppose it was assumed that she was a lot more clever than she was when she remarked, “I didn’t think it was about underwear or sexual in nature.”

She stated: “Controversy backfired. The Brooke Shields-starring Calvin Klein advertisement gained notoriety while being rejected and prohibited. After the campaign was quite effective, underwear eclipsed jeans in popularity. [Calvin Klein] was aware of how to push the limits. The tone was set for many years.”

Over the years, Calvin Klein has acquired both fame and notoriety. It has never shied away from using controversial marketing campaigns because of potential negative feedback. It frequently treads the line between being inappropriate and sexy.

Brooke Shields is well aware of the issues Calvin Klein has experienced. And now, part of what makes them so well-known and intriguing is that commercial campaign. And despite years of criticism and condemnation, the brand will always be willing to take risks.