Dwayne Johnson, the famous actor, and former professional wrestler, recently updated his Instagram followers on the health of his mother, Ata Johnson.

He revealed that she was involved in a car accident and received medical attention in Los Angeles. In addition to this information, he posted a photo of the damaged front end of the vehicle involved in the crash.

Ata Johnson was driving through Los Angeles on her way home from an event when the disturbing incident occurred just before midnight. Another driver appears to have pulled out in front of her car, causing an unavoidable collision.

Unfortunately, Ata was injured due to the crash, so she was taken to a nearby hospital immediately.

Many fans responded to the actor’s post by sending prayers and well wishes to him and his mother, hoping for a speedy and complete recovery. He thanked everyone for their help and reassured them that she’d be fine soon.

For the time being, Ata is being closely monitored by medical personnel who are doing everything they can to help her recover from all the physical effects of the accident.

“I can now report my mother’s survival of a terrifying car accident with immense relief and gratitude. The angels of mercy miraculously oversaw her safe transport to the hospital, where it has been confirmed that she will make a full recovery.”

“Her resilience over the years has been nothing short of remarkable; after beating lung cancer, staying in an abusive marriage, surviving a head-on collision with a reckless driver, and attempting suicide, she has managed to prevail against all odds – evidence enough of divine intervention.”

“My heart swells with gratitude for the officers and firefighters who worked tirelessly to ensure everyone’s safety throughout this ordeal. My mother’s story could have ended much differently if not for their bravery and tireless efforts.”

Overcome with emotion and gratitude, the 50-year-old former wrestler expressed his deep appreciation for the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department. He praised their attentiveness, explaining that they had remained on the phone with him throughout the process.

Furthermore, he urged his fans to treasure their time with their parents, as he was only left with one parent. He urged them to hold their loved ones close at all times because you never know when you’ll get that dreaded 3 a.m. call that no one wants.

Time is fleeting, and life can change instantly – something he was all too aware of – so we must express our gratitude while we still have the opportunity.

His plea was to raise awareness of the issue and encourage people not to take their family members for granted; after all, once they are gone, all that remains are bittersweet memories shared between loved ones.

We wish her a quick recovery.