In the weeks preceding her sad death, Lisa Marie Presley had been participating in a strict diet and workout plan to present herself in the best possible light at awards ceremonies for her upcoming film, ‘Elvis.’

People who knew the famous singer’s family well and were shocked by the tragedy have spoken out.

People say that “the mother of four was in a hurry to lose weight so she could look good at events for her movie and honor the memory of her late father.”

Behind closed doors, she would strictly follow a low-calorie diet and do hard workouts at home with the help of a personal trainer. No one could have known that such a plan would have terrible results.

The Presley family is still broken about Lisa Marie’s death, as many fans worldwide were moved by her singing, charm, and style. Unfortunately, someone may have died while attempting to make something positive of the situation.

Lisa Marie Presley began using prescribed weight-loss medicines two months before the Golden Globes. Many guests were surprised by her extraordinary achievement of shedding 40-50 pounds just six weeks before the event.

Lisa Marie was interviewed twice at the awards event, and questions about her recent changes were raised. Rumors circulated that she had been dealing with opioid addiction for three years.

She is said to have accomplished an incredible achievement by losing so many pounds quickly. Many witnesses were taken aback by her metamorphosis, and despite her denials, rumors grew that she had been abusing dangerous medications due to her extreme weight loss.

When she spoke publicly during the award show, Lisa Marie stated unequivocally that there was nothing wrong going on behind the scenes and that her achievement resulted from hard work and dedication.

The late singer was said to be in the wrong way, with a delicate appearance and slurred words. According to celebrity doctor Dr. Drew Pinsky, Lisa Marie Presley looked to have resumed drug use.

The 54-year-old suffered from severe abdominal pain on the day she died before being discovered unconscious in her home by her staff.

While her ex-husband, who happened to be living with her at the time, gave CPR, paramedics were promptly alerted and arrived shortly after that. Still, toxicology testing has yet to reveal an official cause of death.

Lisa Marie Presley, like her father, Elvis Presley before her, has struggled with opioid addiction for many years.

The singer had talked about her problems in the past, and she had even gone to rehab centers more than once to finally get the help she needed to break free from addiction.

Still, she couldn’t break the habit completely, and on that fateful day, she gave in to it.

Reports say that Lisa Marie Presley went to rehab before she divorced her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, to get help for her alcoholism and drug use.

At the time of her admission to the clinic roughly seven years ago, the singer was receiving treatment for body dysmorphic disorder in addition to necessary medical attention.

Furthermore, each physician is compelled to visit her home frequently, and she has a costly, dedicated detox team that costs up to $40,000 each month.

Lisa Marie was making positive efforts toward controlling her mental health and addiction difficulties by seeking rehabilitation to live healthier lives.

Lisa Marie’s mother, Priscila, was constantly worried about her daughter’s drug and alcohol use, so she would visit her often to see how she was doing.

Lisa Marie may have started using opioids when she decided to leave her second husband, Michael Jackson. People who knew her at the time say that the event made her feel and overthink, causing her to lose control and become addicted to drugs.

Many people have said that Lisa Marie had a tough time because she could not comprehend the underlying issues causing her mental health problems at the time.

She couldn’t handle all the changes in her life, so she turned to self-medication to ease her emotional pain.