The mother of prominent “Pawn Stars” celebrity Rick Harrison has initiated legal action against him in a court of law after a dispute emerged involving the family’s assets and ownership of the Las Vegas company that features on the famous reality TV show.

According to legal filings, Harrison’s lawyers filed the complaint on behalf of his mother, Joanne Harrison, with the Nevada state court, identifying Rick Harrison, Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, and business organizations Harrison Properties and JoRich Properties as defendants.

In response to the altercation between them, Joanne is claimed to have attempted to recover what she believes is rightly hers, including whatever stakes she may have in the Las Vegas-based organization.

This includes efforts to buy any interests held by her son as well as possible investments with controlled commodities such as Harrison Properties and JoRich Properties.

Still, the right steps will be taken until a good solution is found, even if more demands are made, or other people are involved.

Joanne Harrison had been married to the famed Richard Harrison, well-known on the show as “The Old Man,” for an incredible 58 years before his death.

Rick is accused of taking advantage of her vulnerable position when she was sent to a hospital in either 2000 or 2001 and manipulating her into transferring her primary ownership stake in the pawn store to him. Rick Harrison denied the claims, stating that unscrupulous persons were using his 81-year-old mother.

Even though Rick was accused of doing something wrong, he defended himself strongly and said he hadn’t done anything wrong. He noted that individuals were exploiting his old mother for their wealth.

With a long-standing marriage and decades of hard work in the firm, anyone attempting to seize control of such a long-established family business seems like a final act of treason.

In 2009, Richard Harrison and his grandson Austin “Chumlee” Russell starred in a History Channel show set in his family’s pawn shop. Since Richard died in 2018, Joanne Harrison has been attempting to buy Rick Harrison’s 49 percent interest in the company.

However, Joanne has had difficulty obtaining accurate documentation of the business’s financial operations and reliable accounting for over $500,000 in cash and silver, thought to have been owned by Richard before his death.

Unfortunately, Joanne can still not obtain these documents or accounting to reconstruct her husband’s inheritance despite her attempts correctly.

Joanne Harrison has asked the court for specific damages, an accounting of assets, and an order banning Rick Harrison from accessing legal funds. She is also attempting to form a constructive trust over any properties she owns.

A constructive trust is a legal mechanism that permits another person or company to manage the trustor’s assets without changing the legal title of ownership. This ensures that Joanne’s property stays in her legal name and that no one can use it without her permission.

As a result, she will be able to collect both financial and equity compensation appropriate for her situation.